Anonymous said: About your HPMOR casting: I hope you made Hermione black by chance and not to fill some racist quota of pocs-per-main-character. Seriously.


Does this mean… you like the casting?

First of all, I cast Amandla because she’s an awesome young actor, she’s the right age, and she has the main book descriptor that Hermione does: curly brown hair.

And now to the race thing.

You’re not going to like this, but I can’t say I made Hermione black “by chance.”

I do not, however, see how that’s a racist choice.  I definitely wasn’t trying to fill some sort of “quota.”  In fact, I didn’t realize there even was a quota.  Unless that quota’s zero.  Because let’s be honest, how many big movies/movie franchises are there with POC as leads?  I think tv series are getting a *little* better, but movies? Not so much.

So yes, I was completely conscious of the fact that I chose a young black woman as my fancast for Hermione.  Considering how blindingly white Hollywood is, I don’t see how I could have NOT been conscious of that fact. POC are underrepresented in the media, and I think we NEED to be conscious of that.

tldr; “Color blindness” sounds nice, doesn’t it, except when it means blinding ourselves to actual disparities. Seriously.

Looks like we both got messaged by the same anon, so I’m just going to reblog this in lieu of writing out my own response. I agree with everything you’re saying here; very well-put.

Additionally, someone on Reddit pointed out that Hermione’s race is never actually specified in canon, and I’m pretty sure that holds true for Methods of Rationality too. She’s got bushy brown hair and dark eyes, and guess what? So does Amandla. 

So, anon, please calm down, watch The Danger of a Single Story, and stop sending cranky letters about people’s awesome fancasts.

"The universe is neither evil, nor good, it simply does not care. The stars don’t care, or the Sun, or the sky. But they don’t have to! We care! There is light in the world, and it is us!


Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

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Anonymous said: Robb stark as an ENFJ!!! he fits the description perfectly

I just looked up people’s typings for him, and holy cow they are all over the board. I’d peg Robb as more of a Thinker than a Feeler, myself, but I’ll give you this one, anon. :)


Reasons I should not let my half-asleep self touch Cones Are Just Suggestions:

"Entry 3

I haven’t gone down to the site yet, but here are my theories so far as to what’s going on.

  1. They’ve found evidence of a culture similar to what’s in the games.

  2. It’s a hoax and we all need tin-foil hats

  3. It’s real

  4. Cyan has partnered with Disney to make a theme park based on the games and this is some real screwy hype.

Either way, it bears looking into. “

Anonymous said: Could you add sirius black for the entp set?? :)

This post makes a compelling case for him being an ESFP (which is where I was going to put him), but it looks like common consensus has him as an ENTP, so sure!


57 percent of my coworkers have decided to leave for greener pastures, which means no extra time off for me… Mysterium-goers, you better take lots of pictures and stuff! I will be with you in spirit.



Makin’ more stuff for Mysterium…

We’re going professional this year!
Hi Zib!



Makin’ more stuff for Mysterium…

We’re going professional this year!

Hi Zib!

Hey there new people!

I’m seeing a bunch of new followers (great!) and getting a bunch of questions (also great!), and I’m definitely seeing a common theme, sooo:

 1. Welcome! 

 2. The MBTI in Fiction set is almost but not quite finished, so if you are: 

  • an ENFJ, your set is coming up next! (Featuring Iroh and Rapunzel)
  • an ENTP, your set is right after that! (Feat. the Weasley Twins and Doc Brown)
  • an ESFJ or ESFP, patience! Your time will come.

 3. If you have an all-time favorite character that belongs to one of those sets, let me know and maybe I can fit it in (assuming they’re not too obscure or already featured in a different set).

 4. :)